SPACE: A JOURNEY TO OUR FUTURE is created to ignite the desire for space exploration and discovery among students and families, sparking imaginations and inspiring new generations of explorers to dream of the possibilities that lie ahead. 

This exhibit gives audiences an opportunity to experience past explorations and look to the future of space travel.

SPACE reintroduces audiences to generations of dreamers and thinkers, demonstrating how they have at times risked their lives to give the world a better understanding of who we are and how we fit in the universe around us. Most importantly, visitors will meet today's explorers, and learn how these people are working to understand more about the planet, how to protect it, and how to increase our understanding of the beginning of the universe and what life exists beyond Earth. 

Be ready to engage all your senses, including your sense of wonderment, as you reach for the stars. SPACE is your unique opportunity to: 

  • Touch actual meteorites from the Moon and Mars.
  • Establish your weight difference by stepping onto scales for the Moon and Mars.
  • Take a spin on a centrifuge that you power like a bicycle to learn about the physiological challenges on a long trip to Mars.
  • Discover the nature of light, by looking at different telescopes, highlighting the same star field through five different telescope set-ups - ultraviolet, infrared, microwave, radio, and visible.
  • Step in front of an infrared camera and see your body's temperatures by color on the screen.
  • View a video on the fleet of starships that are exploring our solar system and what they are teaching us about our planet.
  • Design a new spacecraft for destinations including the Moon, Mars, or Alpha Centauri (computer simulation).
  • Determine what to pack for a trip to Mars (computer simulation).
  • Discover how space exploration influences your daily life by navigating a virtual home and city.
  • Plan your own Mars base camp (computer simulation).
  • Fly a Mars rover over the surface of Mars (computer simulation).
  • Explore a future base camp while walking through a full-size space habitat and work pod.
  • Learn about NASA's current studies in areas such as robonauts, deep space probes, next-generation telescopes, living in space and space tourism.
  • View a wide range of artifacts from the space program, including space suits, a lunar rover tire, a camera and lunar scoop from the Apollo program, an early fuel cell, shuttle tiles, and more.
  • View artifacts that tell about our fascination with space, such as an early edition of Jules Verne's " From the Earth to the Moon", Life Magazine stories about space, and "War of the Worlds".
  • Experience the past, present, and future of space through these and other displays, interactives, and experiences.


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