SPACE: A JOURNEY TO OUR FUTURE contains a strong educational component geared towards ages 9-17, although visitors of all ages will enjoy learning about both the past and future of space exploration. Leading science centers across the country, such as the St. Louis Science Center, Maryland Science Center, Pacific Science Center and the California Science Center, served on an educational committee along with representatives from NASA, NSTA, GM, Lockheed Martin and Space Day to ensure the exhibit's educational message and content accuracy.


"Our exploration of space is an absolute necessity, " said former NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the second American to walk in space and the last man to leave his footprints on the Moon. "This exhibit could be the spark that lights the imagination of a future astronaut or a scientist in the space program."

We invite you and your school group to engage your sense of wonderment as you reach for the stars on a visit to SPACE: A JOURNEY TO OUR FUTURE.

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Teachers' Guides

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Grades K-2nd PDF File
Grades 3rd-5th PDF File
Grades 6th-12th PDF File


Extra Learning Activities

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Fuel Cell Cover / Inside
Rocket Power Cover / Inside
Lift Off CoverInside


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