Resources on Grief and Loss Available at Bossard Library

When experiencing seasons of grief and loss, many people turn to those most familiar to them for comfort and support.  Bossard Library encourages those experiencing grief and loss to turn to their local library for resources to help them through this difficult season.   Lynn Pauley, Bossard Library’s Adult Programming Associate, recently created special brochures for patrons who may be interested in the Library’s many resources related to coping with the loss of a loved one.  Both adult and juvenile resources are included in these helpful brochures, one dealing with loss of a loved one and the other brochure dealing with the loss of a pet.  Bossard Library strives to meet the needs of its patrons in our community.   The Bossard Library Staff understands that at one time or another, everyone experiences grief and loss.  It is our hope that when patrons experience those most difficult seasons of life, they will visit Bossard Library for assistance in locating materials to help them cope with their grief and loss.  Our friendly staff is ready to assist you upon your visit to the Library.